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Originally Posted by Super Glue View Post
I can definitely understand your perspective and why that would frustrate you. It is a fair point, but I think we have also had instances here where Jonmartin may have been over-zealous in his defense of Gintani in a few threads (or a few dozen ).

There is no negativity here and since both tuners are in the same area there is some overlap and it should be treated with mutual respect. Once again, my car is at Alex's disposal for anything he wishes to do and if it is necessary to dyno both to resolve anything, I would be glad to volunteer.

You are a good guy Brian, but trust me when I say Eloy means no disrespect just as you don't. Lets be realistic here with claims.
Ya maybe thats true but the same can be said about your defense of the M3 to the N54 guys and who ever else you quarrel with online so you're no better.