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Originally Posted by Super Glue View Post
I made sure to address both of you, not singling anyone out except singling out that RPI may be not be getting a fair shake.

Look, in the past you did call RPI's exhaust tin cans made in Taiwan (despite the fact they are made in the USA, AA's isn't). I don't want to go digging around to find it as I don't have any interest here other than the truth and an impartial view, no more, no less.
I also never said RPIs system didnt work, I simply dont think its cool of Eloy to always come on Gintanis threads and try to add his opinion that was never asked for to begin with. I mean seriously he always trys to make it seem as if no one else can make an exhaust or dyno a car and he happens to always post it on any Gintani thread...I have never seen Alex post on any other companies thread or try to disrespect them in any way. He just does what he does best, builds fast cars and great products.