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Originally Posted by Super Glue View Post
Of course, tires would help you. I have a history of mentioning their importance on the strip. But the illustration was not that, but simply to show you I could come up with an example of numbers to refute your claims, right?

Say whatever you please but not if it is at the expense of a respected tuner in order to push another respected tuner.

If you are going to claim horsepower differences and this and that, the opportunity is there to back the claim up. As of right now, we can not go by different dyno numbers on different cars. I think everyone would agree that using the same car in the same place under the same conditions would make the most sense.

I worry that people who may not have hands on experience are swayed, simply due to enthusiastic opinions on your part. The fact of the matter is, one should choose the best exhaust for them, the performance difference (if it exists) is rather negligible. Take care.
Ya I dont think alot of people make their choices based on my own opinion but people do ask and also did you notice I only agreed with Brian I didn't write what he said ? Like I said I don't really have anything against RPI or the people working there I just dont think they have a say in whats better between the AA and Gintani better then anyone else that never had either system either so why would they say its not a better system when someone already said they had both and like the Gintani better I mean really? They even asked in this thread if a person has tested both side by side and my question is has RPI?