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Originally Posted by Super Glue View Post
I'm straight up telling you, my car is there with the exhaust. Try both exhausts and let the dyno numbers do the talking.

Do not start claiming power this and that when your car NA barely came within a second of mine. That would be the real world not racing on the dyno. So I don't see any support for your assertion of more power.

Simple test, run them both, same time, same place, so we have a solid base to compare.

A piece of advice, you are going a bit overboard for Gintani. The products are solid, let them speak for themselves, they don't need you humping every thread.
LOL dude don't start bring up times you know full well I was on street tires vs Drag tires. Obviously that was an issue right? I mean next you're going to tell me Brian should have ran 11's on street tires like you did (or didn't). If you really want to prove something wrong go and try on their exhaust I don't have the full Gintani system never did and still made alot more power then you did on the same dyno and so did Brian you can't deny that now. If that doesn't tell you your exhaust is holding you back then I dunno what to say to you.So if it really bothers you try on the Gintani exhaust and knock your self out I'm not putting on the RPI on my car cause I don't have the Gintani mid section how fair would that be besides like you said your car is already there.

BTW I don't really care what you think of my post just like you don't care what people think of you and your post on every forum. I say what I think because I can, so you worry about you and yours and I'll worry about mine cool