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Originally Posted by RPIpower View Post
There are different things that you can do to change how your powerband is going to be. If you make a muffler a certain way, youll have to make the piping a certain way (how you want the powerband). So, if you go with large 3" piping, you are already going to lose a lot of exhaust velocity. You need to make the muffler work for that size piping. I would say 90% of the exhaust brands out there dont know how to design "working" exhaust systems. Its all hype and branding really.
Your someone to talk...u make an exhaust system, please get over ur self. I dnt like saying anything or knocking on any company cause I pay my respects to them for taking the time to make different products for our cars and honestly I liked that RPIs exhaust made good power but I hate that u speak like if ur some genius. U think ur the Dyno king and u think u make the best exhaust, sorry to pop ur bubble but ur not and u dnt. Obviously Gintani knows what they are doing if their exhaust system out powered urs by like 10 whp. Lets talk facts now???

Y dont u stop posting on other peoples threads and stop being cheap and sponsor the forum like every other company does.