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Originally Posted by Big Windy View Post
so there is still a chance it will rub under load?
I usually ride alone. but with a front passanger, and my 2yr old in the back and with the hard top in the trunk,it looks even lower but not by much. but in that set up, to be on the safe side when doing 80+ on the higway and on overpasses, i make sure I slow down a bit to be sure, just in case and even with that load is see no marks in the tire walls cuz when going over ramps the wheels are able to fit perfect under the rear fenders.this setup was comfirmed with HRE & H&R to make sure no issues could happen. Maybe with 4 grown men it might, but I dont plan to have 4 grown ass people riding at all in this car.Keep in mind that these springs were designed for an E92 not E93 so the rear should sit .2-.3 in lower vs E92 cuz of the E93 extra weight so i'm always a bit carfull at high speeds or coming out of parking lots if the car is loaded, but overall I have no regrets with this set up.. it rides perfect not problem yet and hopefully never. I think slammed3 has different wheels with the same dimession and spring ,he had no problems either.