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HRE wheel construction

Originally Posted by crimsone90 View Post
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For $6,000 you are getting a set of wheels machined from a square forged aluminum billet! These wheels are not machined from a blank like NEEZ/MORR/BBS/Volk/RAC (impression or non-impression). In other words, you are really not getting your money's worth.

EDIT: HRE are machined from a forged blank according to HRE COO.
Crimsone90, I know you have some expertise on wheel construction, but what you state above (using open die forming) is totally contrary to what Alan stated (Post #17:

"Everyone uses Closed Die Forging. Open Die or Hand Forging isn't accurate enough and is sort of the modern hammer and anvil. In terms of forging from a circle blank, I don't know anyone that does that as you would in fact not get much benefit from the forging process. The material has to flow and a lot of energy needs to be imparted into the material in order to change the crystalline structure. If you just pressed on something that was already near the final shape, you wouldn't gain much, but I don't really know of anyone that does this.

In terms of 1-pc, the forgings start from bar stock as well and they are close die forged into a blank and then the barrel part is spun. The is the where the forged/spun term comes from. This method of spinning the rim from a forging is actually called flow-forming. In comparison, on 3-pc rims the barrels are spun from 5 mm thick sheet, not a solid. It is almost the same process and uses the same type of machine w/ a similar end result, but w/ 1pc, you have to go back and do a final machining pass. This does allow the 1pc to be extremely precise though if done properly.

Crimsone90's post about these methods is accurate. His earlier post about HRE was not. He assumed we didn't do it the right way. I really don't know many that don't do it like this, maybe some of the cheaper guys, but not anyone that sources from APP or Japan."

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