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If you have one, wear it. That is my opinion. I have a stock E92 and will wear my suit if I take it on track. It's not going to hurt anything and who is to say someone is not going to wreck into you due to x, y, or z(a mechanical for example) and catch fire. It's better to have and not need then need and not have. I have a fully caged track car that I used to race frequently (not an M3), occasionally I would take one of my other vehicles out for instructing at DE's. When I would, I would wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt with the justification that the risk is significantly decreased because I'm not in a competitive environment. While it is lower, it's not significant enough for me to assume risk. Majority of the ppl I encounter on track; DE, TT, or W2W; are competitive people and will continue to push their limit. I had a friend say to me one night in the paddock when we were sitting around telling lies, "I'd feel pretty silly if my car caught on fire and my suit was sitting in the trailer in the paddock." I've always worn my since then.