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Went from 135i DCT to M3 MT last November.

The DCT is a marvel of technology and was fun, I enjoyed every minute of it. But... I kept wishing for a manual the whole time after the first couple of months wore the novelty down.

Now that I have the manual, I do not think I will ever go back. For me; simply more satisfying, more control. It could be different if I used it on the track, but I don't.
The M3 MT does take some time to get used to. I have 4000 miles on it now and it finally is getting to the point I'm getting 'smooth'. Mind you I'm old and had plenty of other manual cars before the 135 DCT experience.

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Ok I had DCT for 3 months now... granted it is a GREAT transmission shifts fast and convenient in traffic.. I MISS MT! I am constantly looking for manual beater (2nd car) ... I think my next M3/M4 will be MT

Just my 2 cents...