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Originally Posted by floridaorange View Post
NICE! Played Box for the first time last night, so much fun, more physical than our Sunday game outside and I've never used a short stick in a game, turns out scoring goals is fun, especially with the short stick. Fairly certain I was the elder statesmen (lol) on the field, but I did pretty well, until my groin started bugging me... I think the pedialyte will help and potassium drink you mentioned. I will be doing my college warm ups too, not sure why I thought I could get away with not doing those now
I never played box, a lot of indoor, but not box. Looks like a good ass time though, much more physical. That idea of putting the water bottle behind the net prolly wont work in that situation haha. Definitely a good idea to stretch out before getting into that, wouldn't recommend static stretches. I havent played in maybe 2 years now, every now and again I get an itch. With that said, doesn't seem like Lacrosse is too popular in my area. Much more popular in the area I am from (PA/MD/NJ). It's fairly popular in FL though right?
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