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Originally Posted by M3Bimmer77 View Post
There are cars for people and people for cars. One of my clients have a RR collection edition that he payed over $700K and on the other side of the garage he has a Bentley whatever that he payed $400K. Well.... that's another world. This guy does not have any credit. Happy wife (deep pocket), nice house, travels 3 -4 times a year....what else? Guy is seriously ill!!!! Believe it or not. Nice guy by the way.

Step a notch down....there are guys our there that can afford a brand new M3-4 and it won't take away anything from them. They will still travel, happy wife, good living.

Step a notch down....I'm with this guy. Could I afford a lease payment of 1,500? No problem. Will I do it? No. I won't be traveling, no cash to buy small toys, no restaurants, paying rent, no money to buy stocks...bottom line, a big NO. Let the big guys (deeper pockets) buy the new cars. I will still be happy with a 3-4 year old car, specially a BMW with 25K miles. Sport cars depreciate 50% in the first 3 years. That is the residual value on a lease of a sport car. 50%!!!! Wow. So let's go a buy a $80K car. 3 years went buy now the car is worth $40!!!!. You just lost $40K plus around $10k in taxes and fees.

My friend has a deeper pocket than me. That's ok. I think he works too much. Wife has had several "adventures", kids are a fucking mess but the guy thinks that having money is more important. It's true. He lives in a very nice house, housekeeper, nice restaurants, nice private golf club, very nice clothes, but does he travel? Not that much. Happy family? I don't think so. He is a nice guy and the best is that he buys NEW sport car. So when I like one I will just tell him to save it for me.

Good for the guys that make a bunch of money and are happy. I do not make that much but still I'm with is a happy wife!!!!!
Man you broke it down real nice! I would be in your area too. I would still be able to afford to go on vacation maybe twice a year and still have my hobbies but I'd have to save and have no money for anything else. I'm like "let the guys with deep pockets buy them first" too. I make videos for the average guy. The wealthy guys probably arent even watching YouTube. Too busy making money while their wives are with other guys and kids going crazy. You really do have to have a happy medium to life. Money isn't everything but you can't manage without it and everyone wants more of it. I'm very content with my pay. I'm up for a promotion and I take them when they come along. But at the end up the day, I love my wife and I think of where can I visit next. Cars are my passion too but so is my family life. Great reply!!!! Enjoyed reading!
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