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There are cars for people and people for cars. One of my clients have a RR collection edition that he payed over $700K and on the other side of the garage he has a Bentley whatever that he payed $400K. Well.... that's another world. This guy does not have any credit. Happy wife (deep pocket), nice house, travels 3 -4 times a year....what else? Guy is seriously ill!!!! Believe it or not. Nice guy by the way.

Step a notch down....there are guys our there that can afford a brand new M3-4 and it won't take away anything from them. They will still travel, happy wife, good living.

Step a notch down....I'm with this guy. Could I afford a lease payment of 1,500? No problem. Will I do it? No. I won't be traveling, no cash to buy small toys, no restaurants, paying rent, no money to buy stocks...bottom line, a big NO. Let the big guys (deeper pockets) buy the new cars. I will still be happy with a 3-4 year old car, specially a BMW with 25K miles. Sport cars depreciate 50% in the first 3 years. That is the residual value on a lease of a sport car. 50%!!!! Wow. So let's go a buy a $80K car. 3 years went buy now the car is worth $40!!!!. You just lost $40K plus around $10k in taxes and fees.

My friend has a deeper pocket than me. That's ok. I think he works too much. Wife has had several "adventures", kids are a fucking mess but the guy thinks that having money is more important. It's true. He lives in a very nice house, housekeeper, nice restaurants, nice private golf club, very nice clothes, but does he travel? Not that much. Happy family? I don't think so. He is a nice guy and the best is that he buys NEW sport car. So when I like one I will just tell him to save it for me.

Good for the guys that make a bunch of money and are happy. I do not make that much but still I'm with is a happy wife!!!!!
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