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Originally Posted by Black Leopard View Post
just want to throw this idea out there for the athiests to respond to. I'm obviously paraphrasing but this was originally written by some (muslim) philosopher:

So, say you're walking through a forest and find a watch on the ground. You pick it up and open up the back and see the intricate inner workings and mechanisms. Looking at the precision of its manufacture, you would have no doubt in your mind that someone must have made this.

Now, look at the human body, our bodies are incredible machines which defy many problems with human inventions (energy efficiency, etc.) We can regenerate cells, build bones, and repair muscles. The processing capabilities of our minds and the engineering of our cardiovascular system is amazing. So can't it be concluded that there is a greater being who must have created us?
It is apparent that this philosopher has never heard of evolution.

If he had, he wouldn't have made such a stupid analogy.