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Originally Posted by Jonmartin View Post
Superchargers will stomp a stroker in any situation. If you dont want to mess with FI just do bolt on's and save ur money. Because a full catless bolt-on car will make just as much or 15-20whp less then a stroker car and cost far less so whats the point?

As for the G-power they've made a few mistakes but they took care of them and fixed our cars. And if you get it installed by Autotalent they will warranty it just as good as Dinan or anyone else.
I dont know about your Dynapack results ( Vs PencilGeek's (

But in the DynoJet section of the Dyno Database, my car put down 50hp+ and 60 lbs torque more than dogears' M3 with full bolt ons ( ...

Here is the link to the dyno database put together by PencilGeek

BTW, my car was also putting down the same amount of torque as tightie's G-power S/C when he first dynoed it.

No one can argue the costs of S/C Vs Stroker, but when reability matters, all strokers are running (mine almost a year with no issues), and 4 M3 G-Power S/C'er blew their motors in the last 120 days. Sure, they blew due to a bad tune, but not worth the headache. You were not able to drive your car for 4 months while waiting for G-Power to repair it....

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