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Originally Posted by spearfisher View Post
But damping, rebound, braking balance, and weight shift and optimization does dictate how fast you go around the track, if a car is not well balanced it will not put the power down well around corners, it will not post a good time, now some cars take more finesse and skill to drive fast, while others are easier to post good numbers, unfortunately the vette is a tricky car to drive fast, because the power can put you sideways real fast, ask me how I know.
I disagree. How fast you go around the track is also largerly associated with power, as much as it is with handling. In that analogy, we could say lotus exige should be the fastest around the track, but it is not. N-ring with quite a few long streches tends to favor big powered cars, which is the reason Z06 tracks under 8 minutes. M3 without a doubt is more optimized than corvette in just about any handling characteristics, but it doesn't compare in power. Reason again goes back to inherent design of leaf springs. Power wise Z06 will demolish it, which is why it is pointless to take one track (as n-ring was the case in this argument) and set a basis for what a particular car is capable of.

Agree that vette is trickier to drive at the limit. From your experience why is that?

Yes leaf springs is old technology, but in the 24 hrs of Lemans in the GT1 class:

vette 2nd place

vette 1st and 7th

vette 1st and 2nd

1st and 2nd

the competitors that race in the GT1 class all use multi-link rear suspension,
Aston Martin
Ferrari, who?, yes Ferrari
Yet wow look how well the vette finishes each year, mind you it's a different suspension, but if the ZO6 did not have a good suspension, it would not do such a good time on the ring, 7:42, which is only 4 seconds slower than the mighty GTR.
I don't follow LeMans closely, but if they are using different suspension then you don't really have an argument? It's a race prepped car. Does lemans vette uses leaf springs? I don't know?
M3 GTR in race version put out 444hp, which is some 60hp less than Z06 along with 3.0L of deficit in displacement. With similar power to Z06 it would have been more than 20 sec or maybe even more.

nope, the regular vette, uses 245 in front and 285 in the rear, and handles better than the M3, also if you change those run flats to regular tires like in the M3 you get much better grip and road feel and breaking. The biggest problem I have with the vette is the tires, but I’m not going to better tires, due to the fact I have no spare.
I specified Z06 in my post, not regular vette. Z06 has the tires I stated.
Handles better than which M3? E92?
I think the vette’s suspension is just as fragile as any other, but one thing about the leaf springs is the ride sucks, but hey I knew what I was buying and I can live with it.
It might be fragile, but I don't see vette owners bitching about LCAB, RTAB, FCAB and other XXXX all the damn time like you see on all BMW forums.

and to my knowledge the M3 will have per side on the rear suspension
2 upper control arms
1 lower
1 tailing arm
1 track bar
that is only 11 bushings inlcluding the one on the knuckle

just for your information
track bar=sway bar? add differential bushings? how about subframe bushings? those are big time wear items. with great build quality on E36 you'll be riding on the straight asphalt if you dont change subframe bushings.