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The more I drive, the more I really am realizing just what a tune with a catless setup and intake/drop in can do. I would have to say the e90 m3 does not feel completely raw in stock form. Actually feels very capable but refined. Catless and drop-in created a lot of raw sounds from the car which I absolutely loved.

But with a tune I now would call my car an animal! So its not a totally different car but it seemed to take it from a refined car to a raw animal. I get the butt dyno can be way off, but there is a certain level where it is crystal clear that it is more than placebo. I noticed tonight when gunning it in 1-3 at redline, the amount the car "squats" was noticable more aggressive and the front "pulled" up more noticably than before. The push back was noticable and everything about the experience was actually quite different than stock.

In short I feel it added a rawness to the car that was not there. Love it. I will be the first to say I eat my own words of doubt!