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Originally Posted by javistor View Post
Folks, just saw this special from Turner Motorsport and want to know your opinions about this setup, seems like a good price... My E92 is not a daily driver but I will like to have a decent not-so-harsh ride, warranty will be out next month so let the Mods begin...
I have this setup and for daily driving, commuting and an occasional track/SCCA day they are just fine. The $899 price has been raised back to $1199 plus tax and shipping. Plus add another $400 for EDC boxes and you are over $1600 new for these now.

H&R had some quality control issues with the E46 M3 coilovers and many owners of the E92 M3 don't like them because of this. But honestly I have had them on my E86 M and now my E92 M3 and they work just fine and are made well. So don't listen to the guys that think they are junk. To be honest my KW V3 were just as good but with more options. KW and H&R for me and my history of NSX, S2000, Z4MC, etc cars are an average suspension. I had the Top Secret, Aragosta, Ohlins, etc and those were much better but more on the track side of things and prices were double and triple of the KW and H&R setups. Quality was superior to KW and H&R. Don't get me wrong though, KW and H&R are the best bang for the buck, so to speak.