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Originally Posted by gatoraviator View Post
i had the same issue with mine. it actually started the day after i bought it (preowned). anyway, i can't remember exactly what the fix was, but do a search for "engine malfunction/increased emissions." you will find what you need there.
i remember i had a xmas tree of lights on the nav display with errors, what i can remember is: engine malfunction, increased emissions, edc malfunction, and i think one or two more. it all went away after i shut the car off and turned it back on. sometimes it took more than once shutting it off to clear. if i remember correctly, it was a bad idle regulator valve or something like that, but i hope that helps. by the way, it was an easy and quick fix once they got the part in. good luck.


Hey Mike,

So far the dealer has sporadically been keeping me updated. The car has been at the dealer for 11 days as of today and at first they were telling me that it wasnt a valve spring, but now they are certain it is definitely a valve spring. My SA has been decent, but what i forgot to ask (and please anyone chime in if they have done this before, or heard of someone doing it) them of the possibility of just changing all the valve springs now that the motor has been dropped. I will have to see if its still out of the vehicle and if so, how much itll cost to just change all the valve springs since i know that theyre a weak link in the s54's.

wow, i dont know what i would do if the same thing happened to me right after i purchased it.. hopefully the car was at the shop for less time mine is... after it first initially happened, i turned the car off, then on again thinking it would reset, but after a few minutes, the xmas tree came back on.. its just a waiting game now... thanks for the info brotha! cheers, and take care!