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Originally Posted by mike138 View Post
i do read your posts ... and thats why i say what i say... i mean someone could start a thread talking about how froot loops dont taste the way they used to ... and you would find a way to blame it on gorge w bush ............ world trade center bombing #1 (1993) was a show of affection i guess? and iran took american hostages to talk about baseball with them i guess? ........ your right im looking forward to our next payment to north korea so we wont have to worry bout nukes from them anymore ..... oh i cant wait till we can just go back to telling ourselves its ok and only take action when we need a diversion i.e. clinton impeachment..oh yeah he (saddam) had wmd's that day.....
he had them and then stuffed them in his a$$, so we cannot find them.
The WMD is not your regular weapon. It leaves the traces for years to come. Even if he burried them 10,000 ft under ground, the traces would be there.
Again...I do blame GWB for making the lives of my children much tougher than it should be... To me...he did nothing good, not much bad, except that I carry my mother land passport with me also when I travel...