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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Here in Texas, I track in 105 degree temps, sometimes on track temps are 110+ so this may not apply for folks in cooler climates.

But you are basically stacking coolers in front of coolers. There's no added volume of air so your radiator is now seeing air heated up by the intercooler. There's just not enough cooling on a stock motor. More HP = more heat. I've learned this. Many FI companies advertise their kits being used on the track. That's great and it works for them. I'd discuss with the company first before purchasing and make sure they understand the service demands the car will see. What I was told on my E46 330 kit is that it wasn't not designed for heavy track usage. For me that's a total game changer.

From my experience and looking at don't see a lot of advanced drivers and instructors driving at a lot of events that have forced induction. There's a reason for that.
I agree with you 100%. I would never subject my blown M3 with an 8,600 RPM limit to a 40+ lap session in 100+ degree SoCal desert heat. Anything in the late fall, winter and spring is ok (up to 75 deg) I think will be fine but beyond that I think it will be difficult to effectively remove the heat caused by the S/C. I just picked up a 2013 STi yesterday that I will use for summer tracking.

But I wanted to address the issue from the OP that the right S/C will not yield stock-like acceleration after a few laps in non-summertime temps.
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