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I'm a Harley guy, so my answer is going to be a Road Glide properly set up. I'm 5'7" and well, fat, and have no trouble moving one around. You can get a late model, used, low mileage one in the $20k range all day long. That's a great way to tour, period. And dealerships are everywhere so in case of a breakdown, there's never one too far away. There are good and bad dealers, but most will take good care of a traveller, it's the locals they beat up on.

I did NH -> Wisconsin and back, 9 days, 2500 miles on my 2012 Street Glide with a good seat. Was an awesome experience, and the bike performed flawlessly.

I had a 2018 BMW K1600B for a bit to try something new. Found it twitchy and unstable on the highway, moved around A LOT. Bags are hard to use. Tech is hard to beat though. BMW dealers are hard to find. Went right back to a Street Glide.

But at the end of the day, Goldwing is the right answer. Honda reliability, great tech, all day comfort. Of course, it sounds like a Civic, but....
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