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That was fun going to Famosa. I think the Grey M3 posted on my list is one of the runs that Drew did. I was in the white M3 SMG. I think of the stock M3s, mine was one of the quicker ones. I was impressed how Drews was a few miles per hr faster than mine. But I think my ET was still within a tenth or two, not bad for a bone stock M3. Interestingly enough..the stock GTOs were not running close to 12's at this meet either. Makes you wonder about the GTO guy claiming the regularly run in the high 12's. How about that 14.62 from the SRT8 guy thinking that he could run mid 12's !!

12.90@115.22 Blue M3 S/chg
12.24@113.76 Black GTO
12.39@112.40 Dark Evo
12.16@111.84 Ford Lightning Truck
12.16@111.28 Red Mustang Early 2000s
12.11@111.27 Red Mustang Early 2000s
12.04@111.51 White Evo
12.18@111.30 Black Evo
13.07@109.59 Black Mustang Mid 80s
13.13@107.83 Black C5 Vette
13.03@107.60 Blue Procede 335i
13.42@107.29 Grey M3
13.95@107.66 Silver Supra Turbo
13.75@106.81 Black Procede 335i
12.66@106.79 Red Celica Mid 2000s
13.28@106.58 Black Z28..SS?
13.21@106.44 Blue Procede 335ia
13.36@105.73 Red Z28
13.59@105.68 Grey Camaro SS
13.49@105.02 Silver GTO
13.51@104.88 Grey GTO
13.94@104.85 Neon SRT4
12.86@104.60 Red Z28
12.69@104.45 Blue 4dr Civic Mid 90's
13.66@104.29 Black Neon SRT4
13.55@104.14 White M3 SMG
14.28@103.77 Black Mustang Gt New
13.73@103.53 Black M3
13.86@103.22 Black M3
13.07@103.25 Silver EVO
13.74@102.71 White Mustang Gt. early 2000
14.58@102.40 Grey M3
13.52@101.91 White Late Model Silverado PU.
14.32@101.69 Grey M3 w/pass
13.72@101.66 Grey M3
14.07@101.27 Grey Civic Coupe Mid 90s
14.62@101.21 Dodge Charger SRT8 New.
13.95@100.94 Green Z28 Conv.
14.15@99.81 Grey Mustang Gt Early 2000
14.16@99.72 2006 Audi S4
14.08@99.12 White Firebird
13.58@98.79 Neon SRT4 w/CF hood
14.22@97.99 Red Ford Lightning Truck
14.70@97.59 White S2000
14.69@97.53 Silver Mustang GT early 2000
14.73@97.42 Silver 350Z
14.44@97.28 Grey VW Sedan
14.59@97.24 Grey Honda CRX
16.79@97.11 Red Firebird
14.11@96.53 Blue Evo
16.42@95.97 Blue Corvette C4
14.60@94.88 Silver Acura RSX
14.85@94.86 97 Civic Coupe
14.65@93.87 Grey Buick Regal S/chg
16.18@93.71 Pink Civic Coupe Mid 90s
14.97@93.69 Yellow Civic Coupe
15.57@93.14 White Chevy Colbalt