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Originally Posted by CAPSGOD View Post
People used to justify the Cayenne by saying it allowed Porsche to make more 911 variants.. but now Porsche is part of the VW empire, it should be far easier to share development costs. Of course, VW doesn't give a damn and will expand the lineup with more bastardized cash cows.
And I don't blame them. They can steal the chassis from an already mass-produced line (saving development costs), add some "high end" interior and drivetrain bits and pieces, and add a "premium" markup based on the badge tagged to the vehicle. It's ludicrously-easy money and if there is a strong customer base to take advantage of how could you turn down that opportunity?

In my opinion, the day I start blasting the Porsche's and Ferrari's of the world is when they stop making sports cars. If they can make money selling branded coffee machines I say more power to them.

Or maybe a better way to phrase it would be...

If Porsche didn't make the the Cayenne and Cayman/Boxster and was on the brink of declaring bankruptcy because they could not sell enough 911 variants to be profitable, how many of you would go running to the Porsche dealership and start buying up 911's to keep them in business?