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Originally Posted by alms211 View Post
I do understand all of that. I still read on forums of the cars that I used to own as well. I just don't get involved in debates about them vs what I am driving now unless someone is just spewing pure bullsh!t and need to be called out on it.

I think 99.9% of the members on here appreciate the likes of a GT-R, Porsche, Ferrari, GT500, Viper, Z06 et al......but when those owners constantly sing the praises of their car on an M forum, M owners can't help but get tired of it. I'm not saying it is just GT-R guys either; although they are the overwhelming majority. There are a couple guys that post on here that swing on Porsche's nutsack all day and all night. They get on my nerves just as bad..... and I own a Porsche.

There is no denying there are fanbois galore on every forum (Vette guys take the cake on that one). I just give them a bit of leeway when they do it on their own forum......even though it can be so damn nauseating

Lol. The nutsack comment made me smile.

I always had the impression that this is a good forum to be on if you own a Porsche.
Lots of threads with M3 guys saying "one day, I'll have a 911".

My only gripe here was with M3 guys crapping on 335 guys (salted my taste for em a little - I'll admit).
But 335 guys had a knack for telling M3 guys that they wasted their money.

One thing I noticed... if you go to driving events where people are actually using their 'super duper awesome' cars, you tend to not find many elitist jerks. Everyone gets along, and they are stoked to check out each other's cars.
Maybe it's the face time. Maybe it's that bench racers have more opinion than they can contain. Who knows...