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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
Perhaps true, at least in part, for some. Doesn't matter.

This will be a vote against the incumbent for many, not so much for a dream candidate. All political sparring and B.S. aside, there are many who feel that this president was a mistake, an aberration and that he is truly and fundamentally wrong for America. No amount of arguing will change that.

And the incessant parsing of wiki and google harvested factoids on the part of some is just tedious and of no consequence.

Everybody has already decided, it's just a matter of waiting for election day.
The next election will be interesting for sure. The current Republican field of candidates is a disaster on many levels. All but 2 candidates are proving to be unserious if not down right laughable beyond the Republican base. Reasonably they must be considered unelectable. Of the 2 candidates that can compete credibly in a general election, one, John Huntsman has been completely overlooked and ignored and the other, Mitt Romney is despised by the Republican base.

While many Republicans hate Obama they also hate Mitt Romney who will likely be their nominee. Obama's likeability factor among independents, Democrats and Republicans combined is probably double that of Mitt Romney. I'm not saying Obama has it in the bag by any strectch. But because of this weak field of candidates the Republicans now have a huge mountain to climb in an election year in which they should be down hill sledding. It will be very interesting.