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Navalert Red Light Speed Camera Alert System

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Bought this awhile ago but dont really use it anymore. $150 obo
information from their website
Red Light Speed Camera Alert System
Simple Lighter Plug Installation
Alerts To Every type of Red Light Speed Camera in USA and Canada NOW Includes Australia and South Africa
Updates easily over the internet from this website
Uses SIRF GPS technology
Alerts To 1000's of USA and Canada Speedtraps from our daily growing database
GPS can supply your laptop or cellphone GPS data

The NavAlert speed camera detector can store over 150,000 positions in its database. All cameras in North America covered. The speed camera locations can be divided into different data sets, to distinguish between such positions as fixed speed cameras, possible mobile camera positions, red light cameras, schools, and high collision areas.

The Navalert GPS speed camera detector can also sub divide some of these groups by speed limit, and allocate a voice alert.

The tiny NavAlert unit has an LED display on the front of the unit, which provides additional information to the voice announcements. While driving normally it will display the current speed. When a warning is triggered, a chime is heard followed by an announcement such as "camera ahead limit 60" , the speed limit at the camera site will flash , before going back to displaying the vehicles speed. This will typically happen at 500 meters from the camera position, . A second chime is heard at 200 yards from the camera site, and if the vehicle is still over the speed limit, a continuous warning is heard "reduce speed" + warning sound until the vehicle speed drops to the speed limit, or the camera site is passed at which time a all clear chime is herd.

Detects ALL traffic light photo cameras, high traffic collision areas and all other permanent safety cameras. The detector will give an over-speed warning in close proximity to the camera if exceeding the speed limit, but will automatically mute when within the speed limit, The driver is advised of only cameras on the road they are driving along, thereby negating false alerts, The driver is advised as they approach high collision areas,, Announces close proximity to schools Monday - Friday 08:00 - 5:00, (school zones can be switched off) Displays the current location as Latitude and Longitude, which can be relayed to the emergency services or breakdown authorities. GPS speedometer gives you accurate constant speed out - gone are the days of using your cars spedometer which over time can become inacurate or off from tire /wheel size changes.

The NavAlert is easy to install. In the box there is a small rubberized magnet, with a peel off sticky base. The user simply has to remove the sticker cover, and position the magnet on the top of their dashboard. Insert the power jack into the cigar lighter, and plug the other end of the lead into the NavAlert unit, then place on top of the magnet. It is now ready to use.

The NavAlert is very easy to update via our website. The user simply logs onto the website, and plugs the unit into the PC via the USB cable (supplied). The user clicks the update database button on the front page of the website, and follows a few simple instructions.

Shipping included
will post pictures soon

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