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Originally Posted by carve View Post
How could they charge you what you potentially might be able to make? Do they expect you to live on zero dollars?
Unfortunately, they do, at least in NJ. I heard about a guy in a similar situation, made 100k, had to give his ex-wife about half. He then lost his job, and got a way lower paying job (as per him, due to the economy, not that he was trying to be slick). He went to court many times and they never re-adjusted what he had to pay.
What they do is put you on a payment plan that you'll never be able to pay, until you have x amount in arrears, and the get hit with an arrest warrant.

so basically, he could only pay 20k of the 50k, so the following year he owed the 30k remaining from the previous year plus the 50k for that year, making it 80k, and the year after that 110k. It was ludicrous.

EDIT: I think the warrant is for child support, not alimony.