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Originally Posted by Mark's M View Post
A very keen eye you have!! And thanks. The "///M" is laser engraved in outline style and will be situated approximately where it is in the platinum interior photo. It will also be a bit smaller and it'll pick up the color of the 2 intarsia strips in the trim (the aluminum underneath the piano wood). The photoshop on the rust interior was done by someone at BMW who didn't have the full specs. The Individual people did up a bunch of designs and then settled on a small and discreet ///M, without the "3", just enough to break up the expanse of the piano black trim on the passenger side.

As for the "driving me crazy" part, it's too late. I can't help it. But this forum keeps me going, lots of neat new stuff every day, lots of pics, lots of mods to read about. 70 days.

Mark, definitely a great looking M. I am in the middle of putting in an order. However, my rep hasn't even given me 2011 prices yet. Are your prices firm or estimate? My lease is up the end of July so I was looking at doing an ED in early July but again I haven't got any details if the Canadian ED program does provide any discounts at all.

Lastly, I had never really consider any individual colours, either exterior or interior, but but having a one of kind M3, does seem worth it for a keeper like a M3. Yes I like you, are finally getting my dream car but alas well into my 50's before I could make it happen.

How does this Individual thing work? I see there is something called Individual Collection on web configurator but it seems limited to exterior colours only. Actually I am not sure what you get for the $3900 bucks in is priced at. Can you provide me some insight?