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Originally Posted by Mark's M View Post
OK brother, never mind the PM. Hope these pics help out. Let us know what you're doing. And I thought you were doing Frozen Grey. What happened???
My first choice was SG+FR., then Frozen gray came out and there was a slim to none chance of getting that color here. Anyhow had to wait until october production to get my car delivered probably by the time i'll turn 90, if that color where to be available.
God, It's been a long time planning this .I'm just exhausted from waiting and talking with the only the BMW rep's in Costa Rica . Worst of all I'm not getting any younger. Since I gotten a final ultimatum to make april production I had to ask, "more like begged" them for a couple of days to think over the color options . I drove 125 miles just to see the rust brown and platinum individual color of which the have a sample. Both colors are amazing and much better than the pictures show. I really appreciate Mark's help and enthusiasm as well as the pictures of platinum posted recently. Your help means a lot to me since there are only a couple of M3 In Costa Rica and and more fingers in may hand than Individual Bmw's of any model.This individual thing is pretty new here. It sued to be "What you see is what you get"
Thank you all, again.
Before I get a wrap: "Yes , There are gazillions of bimmers all over the place, most of them titan silver" which I happen like and own one.