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That's a badass truck man! What dealer is that from?

The 09 CTS-V is a sweet ride...we had one at the shop a few weeks back, black on black. Can't fit much wider than stock for wheels though...max 10" with a 285, no room underneath
i bought it from a dealer in texarkana. i was at my buddy's ranch playing with some 4-wheelers this past weekend and half the reason we went was to buy that cts-v...well we got to the dealership and i starting looking around...the rest is history. - that was the ebay listing with more pics. it's got a custom interior and a sunroof. rides like a cadillac! i got an amazing deal on it with minimal negotiations. that ebay price isn't even close to what i paid.

the cts needs a widebody kit he's running ps2's stock and i've already got him wanting T1R's of course, he'll be through a set of ps2's in less than 5000 miles the way he drives and how soft those tires are.