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Originally Posted by Phanto///M
I did a search of this forum to see how other members feel about pin-striping and came up with nothing. Being a relatively young member on the forum (24) I think their is nothing better than having a car pinstriped. For my age demographic I feel not many others respect the art or care for it. Me personally, I think it adds a bit of contrast to your car and sets it apart from others. I bought my M3 in May of this year and when i went to check it out, I felt it was missing something. My car is alpine white with fox red interior so I decided to add a black and red pinstripe. Upon receiving my car I was immediately happy i made the choice to pinstripe it. I'm interested to see how many fellow members have gone the route of putting pinstripes on their cars. These aren't the greatest photos. Took them on my iPhone.
Looks horrible. U shouldnt get an m3 if u want to stand out. Maybe bak in 2008. And i m 25.