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Originally Posted by M3RD View Post
Where have you been my Friend ... look at the photo below it is the BMW X6 M car see the ///M Logo on the trunk that is what we are all talking about.

We all know about the fine work the ///M Division Engineers and Designers are doing some of us even visited there facilities and meet some of these fine and dedicated people. Believe me when I say that slapping the ///M Logo on the trunk of other BMW models is like spitting into the faces of the ///M Division folks.

At least Mercedes would never slap the AMG logo onto a Mercedes trunk if it came with a AMG package.

If you click on my signature link below you will find all the videos that most of the folks here by now have seen ... The ///M Division takes a normal series 3, 5 or 6 and changes 50% of it's components then modifies some 80% to make it a true ///M car.

Think about this ... imagine you are part of this hard and dedicated ///M Division team then one day the Accountants and Marketing people decide to slap the ///M logo onto other models just because some ///M division component is now part of that car. How would you feel? and how do you think some of your customers feel after they put $60K to $90K on the table for a true ///M car.

That my Friend is what this is all about ... just to clarify

Here you go see the ///M Logo on that X6 M ... Mercedes would never do this.
They don't put an ///m emblem on the back...x5m and x6m are really m cars just like merc GL AMG and M AMG...The most bmw does for a regular bmw car that has the option m sport package is just put this tiny little badge that's not bigger than even a quarter of an inch on the steering wheel and the wheels. that's it. the only thing that sets m sport pkg cars with non m sport pkg cars are just mostly the differently shaped diffusers and the change in the front fascia. If it's not an M built car then there will never be any indication of that specifically on the trunk. It will and has never happened... I completely understand the situation that you are speaking of but that situation is not the situation between ///M and BMW. They are distinctively distinguished from each other. Even if I agree with your're thinking too highly of just the ///M badge....that's not what makes an M car an M car and I don't doubt that you don't know.