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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
Which is it? I did not make a contradictory statement. Learn to read. I have used it on mufflers on other cars. Based on the successes I have had with it on other cars I would bet it will work on this car.
I quoted you own posts, so how do I not know how to read, maybe you should learn to express what you want to say.. first it was "I bet it could work", then it was "oh I have done it on other cars" and now you're back to "I bet it will work on this car". take your bets to a casino dude.

You remind me of those people on the titanic, grasping for hope ..even though their cause is hopeless.

Can I ask you if both paints cost the same amount, what are you losing by using the correct paint to start with?

Oh and btw you're wrong..