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A couple more thoughts that may be helpful.......

1. OEM rotors are not heavy duty enough to cope with track use if you change up your friction material. They will crack out from the drill holes.

2. In respect of the above, if you get BBK, make sure you get slotted rotors.

3. I run a Brembo GT 380 front and 365 rear. Cooked a hardware set using Hawk DT 60. After replacing, Brembo recommended Pagid RS29. They have been really very good.

4. COOLING is vital. If you drive hard and want to get the most from your track sessions, you need this. I have custom backing plates (Cantrell racing)
that direct ducted flow from my duct inlets (on front lip) to the centre of the rotor for centrifugal venting, which is basically A race car setup.

5. Don't buy all the tales about DD use. If you can tolerate at bit of noise and a slight hit on cold brake performance, it's not worth the hassle of constant pad changes.

6. SS lines and high performance fluid a must.

7. Don't remove the backing plates - they are heat shields that protect lines, sensors, ball joints, etc from rotor heat

If you are track-serious, go a BBK. Brembo, Stoptech both good. Also locally, a poster on this forum (can't recall alias) produces Harrop - look quite nice.

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