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Originally Posted by CrusherM3 View Post
Thanks for the info.

I have found other problems now that I have had more time to look it over. I found a bubble with what looks like some sort of liquid in it on the sharp edge around the left headlight. Bout 1.5" long and very narrow right down the edge. You can run your finger over it and the liquid and little air bubbles move all around.I am taking it back to the dealer Saturday to complain. I'm pretty sure the bubble should not be there. Maybe that will be enough to get them to take it off and give me my money back.
Since film is installed wet that is simply a water bubble that didnt get pulled. It would take 2 seconds to pull the water out with a needle... so I wouldnt plan on getting your money back because of that. Plus if left alone most of the time it will dry out and be gone. Sorry you didnt have a good experience with it. Its a great product if you want to keep the front of your car chip free, but it sounds like you would have been happier with a full hood and full fender installation so there were no seem lines.