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1. Will any warranty out there replace the engine if it falls to rod bearing issues

2. How reliable has your M3 been so far and whats the mileage on it
For the last 13 months I've had all sorts of leaks, replaced engine mounts and bushings, and rod bearings replaced under warranty. Water pump and tensioner/belts/idler pulley were not covered. Bought it at ~103k miles

3. What are all the costs of the major repairs that I would encounter
I only know the costs of repairs at the dealer rate since I've only taken it to them in these cases for obvious reasons:

Oil pan gasket- $1776
Front sway bar bushings- $313
Engine mounts- $1475
Valve cover gaskets- $1442
OFHG- $1026
Rod bearings/bolts- $5219
Transmission leak- $2686
Rear differential leak- $968
Water pump- $1202
Tensioner/belts/idler pulley- $871

4. Is it reliable past 100k+ still
Mine sure as hell hasn't been!
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