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Originally Posted by 5erman View Post
Well your credibility went out the window with this. The new M5 will NOT offer any NA engine, let alone a reworked v10. All they will offer is the m4.4 v8TT engine.

I guess the one thing we could learn from the F1 turbo engines are how they STILL are able to redline well up to 12k? I think MANY M fans would be happy regardless of if a turbo was on our car, if M could make a car revving to 8-9k.

While people taut that they want "an NA" M car, in reality most people want the high-revving engine because it makes them feel like a race driver and that is what many of us seek or enjoy. Cant beat the sound of a high revving engine

The engines are designed to only last 1 race. They are completed rebuilt afterwards.

As one engine builder put it: "The perfect engine runs flawlessly at it's designed maximum performance the entire race, than right when it crosses the finish line, it implodes."
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