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Originally Posted by EddieGTRS View Post
I'm at the European School of Aviation. Boeing 747 burns 5000lb of fuel per hour. Comparing the number of aircraft and the amount of fuel burned their car is safe to say that aviation is more idiots than a bulkhead green cars. Unfortunately, BMW does the job not only in ecological F1 engines ... The new BMW M5 F10 has scheduled two engines - 4.4 V8 bi-turbo around 600HP and the 5.5L V10 550HP. The second engine is a tradition / / / M, because it isn't turbocharged, but when the series / / / M will enter turbocharged engines it'll not be / / / Motorsport only / / / Marketting, it's sad ...

Well your credibility went out the window with this. The new M5 will NOT offer any NA engine, let alone a reworked v10. All they will offer is the m4.4 v8TT engine.

I guess the one thing we could learn from the F1 turbo engines are how they STILL are able to redline well up to 12k? I think MANY M fans would be happy regardless of if a turbo was on our car, if M could make a car revving to 8-9k.

While people taut that they want "an NA" M car, in reality most people want the high-revving engine because it makes them feel like a race driver and that is what many of us seek or enjoy. Cant beat the sound of a high revving engine