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Originally Posted by johnhk79 View Post
oh man.. you're not sharing a room are you? the only thing i can suggest is to not sleep the night before and drink a little before you sleep.. that way you knock out. ear plugs probably won't work.

could be karma from mfest flake.
No, as far as I know he's sharing with Samy. As for karma, I'm still waiting on kogi pics.

Originally Posted by iveman89 View Post
I know a few people are planing on going, so maybe we can make a list and drive together ?
1. PencilGeek E92 M3
2. Iveman89 E93 M3
3. endofanera7 E92 M3
4. doba_s E92 M3
5. AckM3 E92 M3
6. HighBoostin330 E46 330ci
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