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Originally Posted by graider View Post
am I the only one that think the rs5 looks uglier than the s5? It looks like they tried too hard to make the s5 look more agressive and the failed. I would rather take an s5 over the rs5 if it looks like that and sorry, it doesn't look any more exciting than the m3.

I think maybe the rs5 will come with the v10 twin turbo like the rs6 and if that is the case, sorry, turbo will never sound as good as say an NA v8 or V10.

I agree with Jaiman, if the rs5 cost 100k, why not just buy a used 05/06 DB9 or a brand new m6? 500hp V10 that sound like a ferrari and 4 years free maintenance to play with? I personally think the m6 looks bad ass compare to other cars in it class.
im gonna have to dissagree with you here, the RS5 looks alot more agressive... but i think your missing a big Audi theme which is very different from how BMW does things.

Audi's RS cars are basically the same apperance wise to the normal model, and even the normal models are made to glide under the radar. The designers of the M3 probaly spent months getting the lines on the hood right, the grill, the bumper, everything tuned and looking mean. Audi just doesnt care about appearances all that much... If you look at nearly any audi car, they dont jump out as being a "Woa!! that looks fast!" car.

They preffer to talk softly and carry a big stick.