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Originally Posted by epoustouflant View Post
a quick look at his post history will tell you a lot about the guy.

19 y/o and waiting on tax returns to shop an m3 - he's exactly the type of buyer i described that will drive poorly option'ed cars into the ground.
First off I plan to use the tax return for preventative maintenance Rod bearings in particular, I love how u are assuming what kind of buyer I am because of an opinion on a forum. Iím not going to going to buy a 128 k mile 2008 e92 from wesellcarsusa. I have criteria for the car I purchase including certain options just like everyone else on here. I know Iím young but please donít put me in that category of stupid buyers.The e92 m3 has been my favorite car since Iíve been 8 years old and I have been saving for almost a year and plan to continue untill I find the one I want. But If I had 50 k right now Id be in a m4 tommorow thatís just me. I couldnít imagine paying that much for a e92 but hey THATS JUST MY OPINION. A manual transmission isnít that meaningful to me as the next guy. I donít plan on driving it into the ground I donít even plan on dd the car for Christ sakes. I want to keep the car untill I have kids. Some of u guys take this forum to serious😂😂😂.

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