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Originally Posted by E36325is View Post
Lack of LSD, skinnier tires, alu bonnet, also the regular 335i engine is dynoed to be around 310-312hp never 330 hp (ask them to show u the dyno results), unless u have chipped it or something. Also if DSG is real then it will eat the 335 alive.

Ofcourse the difference won't be night and day, not until u revv them the 335i will run out of steam above 5k rpm and the M3 pulls til 8krpm!
You made some pretty ignorant comments here... I am in no way saying the new m3 wont destroy a 335, because it will... but your wrong about the 335.

they ALWAYS dyno in the same range as the e46 m3... so your telling me the e46 was "over" rated? check out all the dynos in the vishnu procede threads, there are dozens, all showing BASELINE runs of 265-285 whp, thats the same power to the wheels as the e46 m3. (not to mention they show tuned runs of up to 360WHP and 390WTQ... at the wheels...)

your comment about the 8k rpm is true... but the 335 is more powerful at lower and mid-range engine speeds, and it makes up for some of this, and allows the stock cars to run pretty close (e46 m3 and 335). its a drivers race.

Now the new m3... thats a different story...

I bought the 335 for a fast but not harsh daily driver, NOT to be as good as an m3, becuase its NOT AN M, period. M is a different class.