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I am glad someone else pointed out that the 335 is not actually dynoing 330+ RWHP; more like 312+. Even as decent as the 335 is, its performance will not be close to the M. It's a somewhat fast sport sedan; geared more towards the the person that wants a spirited driver for his/her daily use.

When can you get so much BANG for your dollar as with the E92 M relative to the E92? An equally equipped M will likey cost $15-$18 more than the non M, but look at what you will gain. The list is too long and repetitive to cite. If anyone came to a 335 owner (assuming that the M was not available) and said, this is what I will do for your 335 for $18k, you'll have a warranty and a strong resale to boot; most purists would do it without hesitation. Stop trying to compare an average sedan to a sports car wrapped in a coupe package.

There are sometimes that one can not justify the additional cost of a car to another relative to the gains; i.e. I had that difficulty with the 997 turbo relative to the 997S. As fantastic of a car the 997 turbo is, it a great leap to spend the extra $45,000k+. You could buy a 335 for your daily driver with the dough!