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A decently equipped 335i is around 45k. Add 2k to install and paint an m5 style or mtech bodykit. Add another 2k for suspension upgrades. Add another 1500 for Procede. Add another 2-3k for bigger wheels and wider tires. Add another 2k for better brakes (m3 caliber brakes). Add another 4k for lsd installed. That puts you at around 59k to get a 335i to match the m3. The m3 msrp is going to be around 55-59k Maybe 67k optioned out. With the m3 you get a wider front and rear body that would cost an arm and leg to do on a 335. You get an overall better performing car around a track or in general. You get an N/A v8 that sounds mean and throaty, and you get a 4 year 50k mile waranty. Imagine an intake and exhaust on the m3. Keep the waranty and gain about 20 hp. 440-450 hp v8. With a 335i + all those mods. You lose engine, suspension and brake waranty. For those who love modding and want to spend a lot of time and money doing it, maybe a 335 is a better option. For those who want a car thats great stock, the m3 is a better option. Another huge bonus is an m3 is an ///M. You can mod a 3 series, 5 series or 6 series as much as you want, but the M series is always going to perform better. I am not bias either. I do not own an M car. I own a BMW 330ci. I am just saying it how it is. My next car is definitely going to be an m3. After owning my 330ci for 4 years and spending money on all my mods, I realize no matter what I do I would still rather have a bone stock m3.