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Typical dealer BS

Originally Posted by SDYANKEE View Post
They cite the new V8 engine's making the E92 M3 452lbs heavier than the 335
I'll only talk about weight. Like e36jakeo said read older threads on performance comparos.

The new M3 V8 will definitely not be a porker of an engine. Was the E60 M5 engine a porker for a V10? Counting the extra weight from the turbos, intercoolers, plumbing, etc., the new M3 V8 will probably be within 50-75 lb of the 335i engine. Heck it may even be closer than that. Also since it is a V8 and shorter it can be placed further back in the chassis cobntributing to a better weight distribution and lower polar moment of intertia. No matter what happens to the engine there is NO WAY the new M3 will be 400 lb heavier than the 335i. That would be only a bit under 4000 lb. I'd bet my car it wont be anywhere close to that.

Oh, and last but not least, no dealers have weight specs yet, period.