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Some racing plugs, NGK R2556G-9.
Spec'd for the S/C kit by GP Infinitas (formerly G-Power).
I guess they don't use the ionic knock sensing?
Zero evidence of detonation though.

I've been in contact with GP Infinitas this last week, ordering spare air filters and fixed idlers, and they asked about selling me a cable so I could update my tune (kit/software is almost 10 years old now). They said "better drivability and better DCT shifting".
But the car is fine the way is, and I'm afraid to change anything, because it's a super early kit and they were still developing it when it was installed.
Right after it was installed, it would do this weird downshift thing, when in manual mode, so some mod to the gas pedal was made. Then they asked that the DME be sent back to Germany for an update to the software. When they shipped the DME back they included a smaller blower pulley and a shorter belt.
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