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I've been reading a ton of threads the last month or two, and a re-occuring theme is spark plug replacement.
Seems like I read 10,000 mile replacement intervals enough times that I wondered if I should change mine?
My plugs (G-Power supplied with the SC kit) were at 55,000+ miles, but I hadn't noticed any issues whatsoever.
The fuel milage has been good too.
I thought "Man, don't I feel lucky I don't have to change those spark plugs so often as these other folks."

While I was doing some other upkeep on the car, motor mounts, belt tensioner and idler rollers, cleaned my air filters and air box, I decided to change my spark plugs ($27 each) as well.

Took the car out for a real test drive this morning, while doing some freeway driving, I noticed right away that the car seemed to have WAY snappier throttle response, and noticeably more grunt down low.
It was fast as s#!t with the old spark plugs, but better be on the lookout for tire spin when the revs hit 7000 in 4th gear!
It will wiggle itself right off a narrow, crowned, dirty country road if you aren't 100% on guard.
I am now a "Spark Plug Guy"!
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