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Originally Posted by aus View Post
Any feedback between these two units?
You only want to use a reverse bleeder when you screw up and let air into the system, AND can't purged it out with regular bleeding. This rarely happens on vacuum-assisted brake systems, like on most cars.
Only vehicles that might need it are those with servo-assisted brakes (4 independent systems), depending where you suck air. The circuits to the calipers can be bled normally even if you open the wrong line (like I did once - oops), But if you let the reservoirs gulp air, which feed pressure to a special diaphragm that pressurizes the caliper circuits, reverse bleeding is the only way to get them to work again. Many BMW bikes and some MB cars of a few years back have them. My K1200 bike had 11 valves to bleed, so you get the idea how complex the system is. I really liked them since with the brake lever you activated all brakes, but with the pedal just the rear. And all you needed was a finger for a 'panic' stop. They still had great feel IMO, but many purists argued they lacked feedback. Or they were spooked that you needed much heavier pressure without the ignition on. I never had any problems, but just like many things with our M3s, it was an unnecessary complication.

Anyway, I have a bleeder from Griots, but it's the larger one. The little one you linked is enough for the job, however.

And yes, you can reset any maintenance item yourself; do a search on instructions.