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Originally Posted by gadget View Post
non-researched home made mods FTL...
Originally Posted by chriszeh View Post
whats to research? the vent was intented for a purpose other than just looking cool. do you have a huge wing on the back of your car?
Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
Actually it was put there for symmetry. Would have looked pretty dumb to just have one offset to one side of the hood wouldn't it.
Originally Posted by RPIpower View Post
The hole is covered from the FACTORY for a reason. Engineers test how air circulates in the engine bay during operation so the only "functionality" people create when removing that is you functionally made it worse. gg. Honestly, if you put temp sensors throughout the engine bay, you can see why things are placed where they are. We seen instances where people removed boxes, batteries, etc. from the engine bay and certain areas got hotter than normal. My strng suggestion to everyone is to do "REAL" research before trying mods like this. Its similar to guys who increase intake ducting side for more "airflow". Great job because they just decreased intake air velocity.

Chriszeh- no i don't have a huge wing on my car. However, unlike you, i do have some common sense.

RPIpower- glad to see some people who actually know what the hell they are talking about