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Originally Posted by dr325i View Post
Some good points there (amputated foot and shoe thing for example...).
I am not sure what the best option would be but I see huge issues with today's system. Why is the price of my daughter's asthma inhaler medicine over $150 ($50 after insurance) here and the same thing we got in Europe in May for $5 (with no insurance). Why is the price of anti-biotic here close to $100 per box and less than $3 for the same thing somewhere else.

Why do you lose your coverage when you need it (when you get sick and cannot work any more for extensive period or indefinitely) even though you poured hundreds of $$ (plus your company did more than that) every month while you were healthy? Pure business, just like a local car dealership, unfortunately we're dealing with our lives here...

IMO the system other countries have (for example France, Canada, Germany, Serbia...of ones I know) give you a peace of mind and more flexibility. Just like your article pointed out -- some are afraid to be self-employed just because of these things in this country. And it would not necessarily damage our health provider profile -- physician quality and equipment quality. You would be still paying for it through taxes or call it something else...just like other countries do. People in this country get "scared" of the "socialized" term without even understanding it. And the media (like in other cases) makes it even more unknown or wrongly understood.

It is a very wrong perception that Canadians for example have less experienced and worse health professionals than we do, worse hospitals and equipment, longer wait lines and so on in general. And someone came up with a stupid line that Canadians now pour into the USA for medical attention.

I believe that balancing Gov't spendings (taxes, Wars, Homeland Security, other programs...) and Healthcare should be prioritioes of whoever takes over next...

I can't believe how much of the price of meds in the US is driven by litigation. A good friend of mine from college oversees prescription drugs for a major drugstore chain, and gripes about the cost of insurance they have to carry. Goes up double digits every year. Too much risk to be self-insured, so they pay up. It's all tied to litigation, or fear of it. All that cost makes it's way into the drugs we buy. The same costs are built into almost every other aspect of the healthcare system. That's why I keep saying fix tort law.

I also don't think our gov't does a very good job negotiating contracts. GSA is a joke. I used to deal with them all the time with my last company. It costs a bloody fortune to implement, the penalties are huge even for an innocent mistake, so we had to jack the prices up to cover our asses. And that was a fortune 100 company that had it's backoffice systems in pretty good shape. Thankfully my new one won't go on the GSA schedule.

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